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I am a professional plumber working in freestyle. In my territory, I always busy repairing and installing bathroom equipment’s for families around the area. The common equipment’s that usually they want me to install are shower heads. They always want me to install the best equipment’s in their bathroom and choose the most expensive bathroom fittings when I give a list to choose bathroom fittings for them. But I have noticed that most of my clients don’t have any ideas of bathroom fittings like cost, strength, beauty and usability about those fittings.

While surfing the net, I had found that most of the usable information regarding necessary bathroom fittings are not available as well as accessible.

That is why I have created this website for helping consumers letting know all details about plumbing information to get the best quality bathroom fittings. I am much confident that my website surely helps a lot for getting the best quality shower head as well as other bathroom fittings for a typical consumer.

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