How To Change a Shower Head

Changing a shower head is very easy if you know some technical knowledge of plumbing. If you are beginner, first of all you need to learn some basic of plumbing about shower change.

Why You Need to Change a Shower Head?

Regular use of anything corrodes with the passage of time. Like anything, a shower head has a specific life span. After its lifetime, it is quite impossible to use due to rust, corrosion etc. That is why on a regular basis you need to change a shower head for smooth supply of water during shower time. So like other bathroom fittings, you always have to consider of changing a shower head for getting good service.

How to Change a Shower Head:

Changing a shower head is similar with installation of a shower head. If you are newbie to do that, you need to learn first the tutorial of this. You can see a lot of sources from internet to learn different tutorial of different kind of shower head. You don’t need to worry anymore and now you can change a shower head without help of a plumber.

Procedures Step By Step:

First of all you need to gather all tools to start your task. You need to collect a new shower head, Teflon tape, shifting spanner.

  1. Preparation of surface area: You need to prepare the area before starting your procedure. Clean all the shower area, pipes with torn towel or napkin. It helps to work comfortably if your area is clean. Be sure that all water supplies is closed while you do that. You can switch off the main water supply before starting the process.
  1. Remove old shower head: First of all you need to remove old shower head. You should use shifting spanner to remove that. Be very cautious while you do that, as sometimes it is difficult to remove .Start the process slowly and you should be calm as much as possible .
  1. Attach Teflon Tape: Now it is time to attach Teflon tape .You have to attach to the thread of shower head to prevent water leakage. So you should attach it in such way that it neither much nor less.
  1. Attach diverter: You can use additional diverter to the thread for better flow of water from shower. Use shifting spanner or wrench to attach it. Make sure that it is fixed perfectly.
  1. Install the main shower head: Now it’s time install the main shower head. Just use again shifting spanner to fix that. Just be cautious that whether your shower head is fixed perfectly or not.

Things to remember:

There are many shower heads available in the market place. But you have to buy the best shower head from these. You can check out from reliable a source which gives you the best shower heads reviews.

Buy your desired shower head from the collection of the best shower heads. All you need to do is to make some research and learn some tutorial.

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