How To Clean Shower Head

Shower head gets dirty due to bacteria, minerals. It gets rust inside and interrupts regular flow of water supply. It’s really uncomfortable during your shower time if you don’t have good water supply from shower head. Excessive bacteria or minerals cause skin diseases if you regularly use water from dirty shower head but it’s invisible with naked eye.

You will get skin diseases eventually if you use regularly use water from such shower head. So for your sake of health you should regularly clean your shower head.

How to Clean a Shower Head?

How To Clean Shower Head

Cleaning a shower head is a simple task. You might have a misconception that you need to hire a plumber or replace a shower head. Well, it’s your wrong perception. The good news is that you can clean shower head yourself. All you need to do is put some efforts into it. You need some stuffs to accomplish this easy task.

Required Stuffs:

  1. Baking soda
  2. White vinegar
  3. Ziploc or plastic bag
  4. Rubber band

How To Do That?

First of all you need to gather all cleaning stuffs to start your cleaning mission. After getting all things you should make sure that your shower head completely switched off. Now pour 2 Tbsp baking soda into Ziploc bag.

Now it’s time to pour white vinegar into Ziploc bag. Pour it until its get full; pour it in a way so that it is neither so fully loaded nor remain empty. Just make it a standard level.

Wait until baking soda completely mixes up with this. Now your mission will start here.

Usually shower head is fixed on the top of the supply pipe. Insert shower head into the Ziploc bag. Immerse shower head into the Ziploc bag. Now fasten it with a rubber band so that no leakage found. As shower head stays in the high position, you need to make sure that Ziploc stays in the stable position. Now wait till next day until white vinegar mixture clean your shower head thoroughly.

After one day you can slowly unwrap the bag and take out shower head. You will see that your shower head will get a new look as new one.

Cleaning a shower head is very easy if you know the some simple steps. Just all you need to do is to get necessary stuffs to get the things done.

If you open your shower head from the supply pipe, you can clean it more effectively. Process is very simple but you need to pour white vinegar into sauce pan and put shower head into the sauce pan. Wait for at least 12 hours until shower head completely cleaned.

Sometimes shower head gets excessive mineral deposit that cannot be cleaned in this process. You can consider buying new shower head if you think that your shower is completely out of order. If you see that shower head has very slow supply of water, you can think of buying a new one.

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