How To Install a Shower Head

Installing shower head might be very annoying and difficult for you if you have no idea of plumbing. You want to install a shower head without the help of a plumber. So it’s time to learn some basics of installing shower head.

Why you should  learn?

You know that knowledge is power. Practical knowledge will give you self-confidence as well as some savings. If you know how to install shower head, you can save a huge expense of plumber charge. Any time you can do that yourself and there will be a need of a plumber. You can help your friend with such technical expertise.

Step by step procedure of installing a shower head:

Installing a shower head requires some step by step procedure. Every step is essential and you have to follow all steps consecutively.

Procurement of accessories

You need to acquire plumbing accessories. First of all make sure that every item is available or not. The shower head is very important and this is the main accessories of installation. You need to choose the best shower head. In the sanitary shop you will find a collection of best shower heads .Choose one of them within your desire and budget. Buy it after checking all shower heads. Before buying a shower head you can check shower head reviews to know the criterion of the best one. You also need Teflon tape, shifting spanner, hacksaw blade for installation purpose.


First of all you need to prepare the area. Make sure that shower knob is completely switched off. It’s time to remove the old shower head. Remove old shower head with a shifting spanner using anti-clockwise direction. Remove all shower head accessories one by one.

Now replace the old Teflon tape with a new one. You can clean the surface using a toothbrush. Now it is time to install a new shower head. Install the new one with the help of your hand. Initially you can install it just using your hand. To tighten it, you have to use shifting spanner. Use the shifting spanner cautiously and slowly to avoid scratch. After installation you should check it out whether it works properly or not. Now your shower head is ready to use.

Things to remember:

If you are newbie to installation purpose, just you have to be careful for all procedure. As you don’t know the installation process properly, it will be difficult to install. So first of all you should know the installation process properly. You can get a lot of tutorials, videos on websites which might be very useful to learn different techniques. Different shower heads have different installation process. You need to learn your desired tutorial. Don’t forget to wear glove while you go for installation. Prepare yourself with safety accessories as you are not professional.

Installation is very easy if you know the procedure properly. Just all you have to do is to learn and implement it sincerely. You will amaze how easy the procedure is.

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