Speakman High Pressure Adjustable Shower Head Reviews

When it comes to getting best quality showerhead in your bathroom, Speakman always gives a great performance to their customers by giving high-quality showerhead within a limited budget.

Speakman High Pressure Adjustable Shower Head Reviews

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Speakman has brought Speakman S-2232 Icon Anystream High-Pressure Adjustable Showerhead which has come with all required features. It’s really awesome to use when anyone wants to get quality adjustable showerhead.


Speakman has come with patented 360 degrees any streaming technology. That means it can be moved to anywhere during the shower. You don’t have to face any problem when you need to move your showerhead.

Most of the time any buyer wants a shower head that has a great long lifetime. As Speakman has come with the solid brass body, it ensures its longevity. No one has to think of this quality and durability.

During the shower, everyone wants to get variation in the water flow. With 64 adjustable jet spray along with 8 sprays, every user will get the best quality water flow during the shower.

Moreover, It has come with 2.5 GPM flow control along with US standard connection. That means it can be connected to any water connection and you don’t have to face any hassle when you need to fit your typical water connection.

Besides, it has come with limited lifetime warranty, So no one has to think of its performance or replacement. Speakman always has a great concern of its regular customer.

The most important feature of this shower head it’s consistent water performance. Using low-pressure water, it can give you high-pressure water during the shower. So now you are relaxed as you don’t have to think about the water pressure.

This showerhead has come with patented plunger along with self-cleaning nozzle. This is amazingly easy  to clean and you don’t have to face any cleaning problem after many days of use.

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Customer Feedback From Amazon

Those users who have already used such excellent showerhead, they are really satisfied with this. Most of the consumers have given a positive rating because of its excellent performance. Everyone is very pleased as this is very durable.It can be used for longer period of time. Moreover, 8 spray pattern along with 64 jet spray diversify shower pattern during the shower which is really a great feature of this. By using low-pressure water, it can give you the high-pressure water flow during the shower. So no matter how is the water pressure in the main connection, you are always ready to get an excellent flow of water during the shower. Self-cleaning nozzle gives you to clean this showerhead effortlessly. With these features, most of the users are really satisfied with this and currently its user rating is 4.4 (more or less) which manifest its amazing performance so far.


  • As it has come with the brass body, this is very durable and has a great longevity.
  • Adjustable to any water flow which is really amazing to fit.
  • Easy installation process lets you install it effortlessly.
  • The magnificent design, which is really attractive for your bathroom.
  • Excellent flow of water when water pressure is low.


  • Excessive mineral might clog water flow of it. You need to clean it regularly.


Overall, when you think of the best quality showerhead within your budget, you can consider it as it has come with many features with affordability.


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